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Welcome to Cornelia! Cornelia is a lifestyle shop and café situated in Närpes at the westcoast

of Finland. We are located close to the centre of Närpes, but still in a very cosy and old milieu.


In our shop you can find a lot of lovely items for home decoration from nice suppliers such

as Greengate, Ib Laursen, Majas Cottage and many others.

At Cornelia, you'll also find a wide range of beautiful clothes in Swedish design from Capri collection.  


The old houses of Cornelia are surrounded by a beautiful old garden and in the summertime you

can relax in the garden and enjoy a cup of coffee.  All cakes, pies etc are produced at Cornelia using

local ingredients always when possible. Occasionally we arrange afternnon tea on Saturdays. We also serve tasty waffles.

During the summer our speciality is homemade ice-cream

In the summertime, we open up the nice old museum.