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Everyone is welcome to Cornelia! 

Cornelia is a lifestyle shop and café situated in Närpes at the westcoast of Finland. We are located close to the centre of Närpes, but still in a very cosy and old milieum which we cherish. 

In our shop you can find a lot of lovely items for home decoration from nice suppliers such as Greengate, Ib Laursen, Majas Cottage and many others.

At Cornelia, you'll also find beautiful clothes from Capri Collection, Reunion home, Kaffe clothing company. 

We also have a nice range of delicacies: jam, chocolate, spices and tea just to mention a few.  You'll also find locally produced and ecologial delicacies in our assortment.

The 200-year old houses of Cornelia are surrounded by a beautiful old garden and in the summertime you can just stroll around, play garden games or enjoy a cup of coffee, a piece of cake, a sweet or salty waffle or ice-cream. We are using local ingredients always when possible and we also use ecological and fair trade products. Sustainability is important for us and we work continually to minimize the impact on the environment and to make better choises for the environment.  

Are you allergical or do you have a food intolerance?  We always have lactosfree and glutenfree options. We can usually arrange for vegan, eggfree and milkfree options, but it's a good idea to give us a ring before you arrive so that we can prepare your meal. 

In the summertime and during Christmas, you are free to visit the nice old museum in the same area. Close by is also an outlet in the summertime and a Christmas shop in December. There is a flea market in the old barn from the middle of June to the middle of August.  There is also a café for preordered groups (up to 50 people) in the barn. 

How to move around in wheelchair? If you give us a call before you arrive, we can arrange for a wheelchair ramp to the mainbuilding. If you want to order in our garden, just call us and we'll bring a menu to you. 

Want to see something more in our area? There are some really lovely places to see and things to experience that we would love to tell you more about when you visit us. 

We are working in a sustainable way and we have been granted the Eceat certificate 2022 and we are also part of the Sustainable travel Finland programme since the year of 2022. We work sustainably in many ways for example by implementing more environmentally friendly products in our range, by using 100 % green electricity, by recycling and making green decisions in our daily life.